Is it time to move into Aged Care or Retirement Living?

Is it time to move into aged care?

Is it time to move into aged care?

Is it time to move into aged care?

Now that Christmas and New Year are over, have you started thinking that you or someone you know might be ready to consider moving into retirement accommodation?

It is a difficult decision that requires careful consideration.  Here are a few questions you might like to answer.

. is there a health issue that requires daily assistance?
. is it possible to conduct everyday activities comfortably?
. can some tasks be delegated to a cleaner, gardener or handyman?
. are fresh and healthy meals eaten regularly?
. is shopping done frequently?
. are there regular outings or day trips using either a car or public transport?
. are friends, family or neighbours visiting regularly?
. are there issues with mobility or personal hygiene?
. are there challenging behaviours or communication problems?
. are there significant thinking, planning or memory difficulties?

Retirement villages or lifestyle communities are popular with people who are mentally and physically active but would like a simpler daily routine.

Aged care would be selected if an assessment had been made by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS),  telephone 1800 200 422.  The ACAS assessor, usually a social worker or nurse, would visit the older person at home to assess their physical and mental capabilities for living at home.  This can help determine eligibility for respite and/or permanent care in a low care or high care facility.

If you would like professional independent assistance with this process, please call Christine on 03 9808 0338.