MyPost Concession Postage

MyPost Concession Postage

by Christine Hopper

In January, 2016 Australia Post increased postage prices except for the MyPost Concession Postage customers.  At the same time, the delivery schedule for the new “regular” service became at least one business day slower than the 2015 standard delivery schedule.
Yes your letter could go as fast as the 2015 standard delivery schedule. For an additional cost, you could add a Priority stamp and have your letter travel close to the 2015 delivery schedule timing. Even faster delivery is possible if you use the yellow Express Post envelope system.

What are MyPost Concession Postage Stamps?

MyPost Concession Postage Stamps are special postage stamps with “Concession” printed on them rather than the price. Currently MyPost Concession Postage Stamps cost sixty cents each. Little booklets of five MyPost Concession Postage Stamps cost three dollars.
MyPost Concession Postage Stamps can be used for ordinary letters for delivery within Australia at the “regular” delivery schedule.

How do I buy MyPost Concession Postage stamps?

You will need to set up a MyPost concession account to be eligible to buy MyPost Concession Postage stamps.
You can download the MyPost Concession Account application form online
or collect a paper form from your local post office.
You must sign your completed form in ink.

Take your completed form to your post office. You must show your Commonwealth Concession card as proof of eligibility for a MyPost Concession Account. You may buy MyPost Concession Postage Stamps immediately your application for a MyPost Concession Account is established.

Your paper receipt from the Post Office is enough to confirm your MyPost Concession Account and thus your eligibility for MyPost Concession Postage Stamps until your MyPost Concession Card arrives. You could expect to receive your MyPost Concession card in the mail within 14 days.

Which Commonwealth Concession cards qualify for a MyPost Concession Account?

Only Commonwealth Concession card holders are eligible for MyPost Concession Postage Stamps.

You may start a MyPost Concession Account to buy MyPost Concession Postage stamps if you have one of these Commonwealth concession cards:
Health Care Card issued by Centrelink including Low Income Health Care Card and Carer Card
– Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
– Department of Veterans’ Affairs Card (DVA), for example a DVA Gold Card
– Veterans’ Repatriation Health Card
– Pensioner Concession Card issued by Centrelink or DVA

Am I eligible for an Australian Commonwealth Concession Card?

Commonwealth Concession Cards are issued to permanent Australian residents who are in constrained financial circumstances.

Seniors who have attained the current Age Pension Age of 65 years could apply for an Age Pension or a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.  The Age Pension is subject to both an Assets Test and an Income Test. But the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card is subject to an Income Test only.

Before you challenge yourself by completing the Centrelink Claim form for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or Age Pension, you could consider if you would be eligible for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card or the Pensioner Concession Card as an Age Pensioner.

Help is available. Financial Care Services assists clients with the Centrelink Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and Age Pension Income Tests and Asset Tests.

A ‘Short Consultation’ with Financial Care Services could compare your situation against the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card Income Test and the Age Pension Means Tests. You could then apply for the Centrelink benefit appropriate for your situation. A ‘Short Consultation’ is charged at the special rate of $99 for the 40 minute means test review by email or at a face-to-face meeting at the Camberwell office of Financial Care Services.

To prepare for your Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and Age Pension Short Consultation email now for the Financial Care Services CSHC /Age Pension Data form. You will also receive the Financial Care Services Financial Services Guide including the Financial Care Services Privacy Policy.

What can I do with a MyPost Concession Postage account?

Concession account holders can purchase up to 10 booklets of 5 stamps, that’s a maximum of 50 stamps each year. Remember these MyPost Concession Postage Stamps are for personal letters only.
You must not use MyPost Concession Postage Stamps for any business purposes. Your MyPost Concession Postage Stamps are for your personal use; you must not allow people who are ineligible for MyPost Concession Postage Stamps to use your Concession stamps.

How fast is the mail delivery with a MyPost Concession Postage Stamp?

Australia Post has introduced a two speed letter delivery service within Australia. There are now Regular and Priority services, in addition to Express Post. Alone a MyPost Concession Postage Stamp buys the Regular service. Regular deliveries will take up to two business days longer than Priority deliveries. The Priority service delivery schedule would be similar to the 2015 ordinary mail timing.
You can use both Regular and Priority services with your MyPost Concession Postage account.

How do I use Australia Post’s Priority service?

To send your letter by the Priority service you need to use both a MyPost Concession Postage Stamp and a Priority label. Put one priority label next to the postage stamp in the top right corner of your envelope.

Priority labels can be purchased from Australia Post and currently cost fifty cents, $0.50, each. A pack of five Priority labels can be purchased online.
Both Regular and Priority mail can be placed in red Australia Post boxes.

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