Social Security customer notification forms

Social Security customer notification forms

by Christine Hopper

Social Security customer notification forms

Social Security customer notifications are an essential part of the means testing system for income support benefits and health care cards.
Centrelink administer the Australian Social Security arrangements. Centrelink pays income support and issues the associated health care concession caeds only to Australian residents with constrained economic resources. The Asset and Income Tests for income support and health care cards are a critical part of ensuring that only Australian residents with limited financial resources are eligible for benefits.

Social Security customer notification forms

Social Security customer notification forms

The amount of income support payable and the eligibility for health care concessions are subject to a complex system of means testing. Social Security beneficiaries and applicants for health care concession cards must submit detailed information about their personal circumstances and economic resources. Centrelink needs full information about what you own, what you are owed and any income you receive in order to determine the correct amount of pension or income support benefits.

The Social Security income support benefits are paid at higher rates to individuals who live alone compared to claimants who share domestic arrangements with others. Therefore Centrelink customers are required to disclose their ‘personal circumstances’.

When Social Security customer notifications are required

As a Centrelink, or DVA, customer you must inform Centrelink, or DVA, whenever your circumstances change so that your means tested payments are correct.  Advising Centrelink, or DVA, of changes in your financial position is a responsibility of your Attorney or Court appointed Administrator when you are too frail to sign for yourself.

Failure to inform Centrelink of a change in personal circumstances such as moving in with a partner, could result in a benefit overpayment. Centrelink must recoup any benefit overpayments.  Your income support benefits could be stopped until the overpayment debt has been repaid. If the debt is large and your bank account is small, you might be allowed to pay back the debt to Centrelink over a period.

If your Pension or income support benefit, would increase on account of the change in your position then it is your interest to have your Centrelink record updated promptly. An increase in your Pension payment rate might not be backdated if you had not bothered to inform Centrelink of the change within fourteen days.

Why use Social Security customer notification forms

The Social Security customer notification forms help you to provide all of the information that Centrelink need on just one encounter. If you have completed the relevant Social Security customer notification form then you are unlikely to be asked for additional information before your Centrelink record and payment adjustment could be processed.
Also the Social Security customer notification forms tell you what supporting documents you need to show to Centrelink to have your changed situation recorded.

Some Centrelink forms are to be completed in respect of the Centrelink customer rather than the customer herself.  For example, claim forms for Carer benefits require a medical professional to complete and sign the form.  The Carer might assist by inserting the names, CRN and date of birth details for the person being cared for.

Finding the Social Security customer notification form that you need

The easy way to find the right form is to search the Centrelink Customer forms section by title of form. You could scroll through the list at

When that link fails, try a staged Search on the Centrelink website: forms, customer forms, forms by title.

The challenge is to recognise the form you need from the list of titles.
For example, the Blind Pension form for the medical certification of legal blindness is “Request for Ophthalmologist/Optometrist Report Age Pension or Disability Support Pension – on the basis of blindness”.

Several forms cover different events resulting in a change in your personal circumstances.
“Relationship Details” covers new relationships and your personal circumstances when you first apply for a Centrelink benefit. Informing Centrelink that your partner has moved on fits into “Separation from partner”. But when the relationship has terminated but neither partner has moved out you require the “Separated under one roof” form.

Help with completing Social Security customer notification forms

Financial Care Services supports clients in maintaining complete and accurate records at Centrelink and DVA.
Please remember that as part of your duties as Attorney for a frail person you must promptly notify Centrelink or DVA, of any significant changes in her assets or income.
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