August 31, 2016


Independent Financial Investment Advice

Lump sum payments on retirement and compensation settlements need to last a lifetime. Funds released by a change of residence or an inheritance, bring their own challenges.

Independent investment is available to help you invest your money wisely and understand how Centrelink could view your ideas.

Financial Care Services offers investment advice that takes accounts of:

Your family situation:

  • Your tolerance of potential variations in asset values, that is, your tolerance of financial risk
  • Your expected investment period
  • Your need to generate regular income from investments to cover living expenses
  • Your potential Age Pension or DVA entitlements
  • Any other issues that are of importance to you and your family

Financial Care Services offers financial advice that includes recommendations of investments which are suitable for your situation. Any investment recommendations must be in the form of a Statement of Advice, a written report describing your situation and your preferences then explaining why the recommended strategy and investments would suit you.

Financial Care Services Pty Ltd is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence Number 299570. As Authorised Representative Number 252529, Christine Hopper is able to provide personal financial planning and investment advice.

Financial Care Services is an independent advisory service which operates as a “fee for service” practice. The fees charged by Financial Care Services reflect the complexity of your situation and the time required to advise you.

Financial Care Services prefers to place investments on a “no commission” basis. Where this is not possible, any commissions received in respect of your investments are credited to your fee account with Financial Care Services.

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