February 15, 2012

Vol 1 Ed 7

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Newsletter Volume 1 Edition 7
Sent August 2011

The Companion Card

The Companion Card shows its value when ‘Kim’ really wants to visit the ‘Pet Show’.  Kim’s intellectual disability prevents Kim from safely navigating public transport and the showgrounds but none of Kim’s family are enthused about paying for an afternoon of attending to Kim’s entertainment.

The cash outlay for the afternoon could be substantially reduced, firstly the Companion Card entitles Kim’s companion of the day to free public transport.  Secondly, the ‘Pet Show’ might choose to offer free admission to Kim’s carer on production of the Companion Card.  Thus Kim’s family would only be out of pocket for Kim’s tickets and their afternoon snacks at the ‘Pet Show’.

The Companion Card was an initiative of the Victorian Government which has been adopted in other States also. Applicants for the Companion Card must have a significant permanent disability which prevents their independent participation in most entertainments, recreational and cultural activities.

The only ‘entitlement’ of a Companion Card holder is the free public transport for a companion/carer.  Individual businesses and event organisers may choose to give discounts to the companion/carer.  In practice many cinemas, theatres, swimming pools and exhibition sponsors grant free admission to the companion/carer.  Thus the holder of the Companion Card buys an admission ticket at the standard price and the carer is admitted ‘free’ to stay with and look after the Companion Card holder.

The Companion Card holder chooses who is to be the companion/carer for each outing.  Whilst a family member might have accompanied Kim to the Pet Show, a friend might be happy to go to the movies with Kim.

More information about Companion Cards and Application forms are available at companioncard.org.au.  As the Companion Card was introduced in the last 10 years, not all eligible Companion Card holders have realised its benefits.

A Companion Card could be just the ticket to involvement in social and recreational activities.

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