September 25, 2012

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Volume 2 Edition 7 – 24 September 2012



Veterans who were exposed to danger from the enemy in World War II or later conflicts can apply for a DVA Disability Pension and/or Service Pension.

The surviving spouse of a veteran who died as a consequence of his operational service becomes entitled to a War Widow Pension. The War Widow Pension is a form of compensation benefit and is not subject to any financial means testing.

DVA War Widow Pension  increased to $783.60 per fortnight, $20,374 per annum effective from 20 September 2012. An additional means tested Income Support Supplement (ISS) of up to $234.40 per fortnight, $6,094 per annum, is available.

Thus a War Widow could receive a maximum of $26,468 for 26 fortnights which would allow for a modest lifestyle in retirement.

Read more about income support for veterans and their widows, and widowers at


Centrelink Age Pensions have recently increased to $772.60 per fortnight, $20,088 per annum, for a Single person.

Couples at Centrelink can receive a combined maximum of $30,284 per annum. Remember, any two adults who share domestic arrangements and present socially as a ‘couple’ could be treated as a ‘Couple at Centrelink’.

The Age Pension supports a frugal lifestyle for retirees who own their own homes. Retirees in private rental accommodation might be eligible for some Rent Assistance from Centrelink but they could be struggling financially.

Hint: Owning your own home and having some savings allows for a less constrained lifestyle in retirement.

Read this article to learn more about the new rates of Centrelink and DVA Pensions

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