January 30, 2013

Vol 3 Ed 1

Vol 3 Ed 1

Volume 3 Edition 1 Newsletter

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Independent aged care, lifestyle and financial advice for seniors
Volume 3 Edition 1 – 30 January 2013


Boomers start asking for Age Pensions

The first of the post war baby boomers are reaching age 65 years and asking for Age Pensions.  But to their surprise their slightly younger partners might not yet qualify for an Age Pension.  Then to their dismay, the older partner’s Age Pension might be at the lower ‘Couples rate’ and that reduced on account of their partner’s earnings.

For an illustration of the Age Pension where only one of a couple is eligible read this

Remember a ‘couple at Centrelink’ is any two adults who share domestic arrangements and present socially as a couple.

About those New Year resolutions to manage your financial affairs

Step one was to review your Will and Powers of Attorney

Step two is to make an appointment with your lawyer to have your new documents prepared and then signed

Step three  Check your Superannuation Death Benefit nomination. 

Superannuation fund trustees determine who receives your superannuation death benefit.  You may nominate your preferred beneficiaries so that your superannuation fund trustee knows who is financially important to you.  You may even make a binding death beneficiary nomination in a prescribed format.

Hint If your circumstances have changed recently then a new beneficiary nomination could ensure that your superannuation fund knows about your new dependants.

After many requests for specific assistance to help understand Centrelink requirements, I am pleased to now offer a special 45 minute consultation by phone or in person to assess your entitlements.  To book your appointment please call 03 9808 0338.


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