September 5, 2013

Vol 3 Ed 8

Vol 3 Ed 8

Volume 3 Edition 8 Newsletter

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Volume 3 Edition 8 – 29 August 2013


Who is more likely to vote twice at the federal election next Saturday?

So before you arrange to take granny to vote on Saturday please check that she has not already voted when the mobile polling place visited her retirement lifestyle community or aged care facility.

If your relative no longer has the mental capacity to comprehend voting in a federal election then you could apply to have the name removed from the electoral roll. More information about voting and electoral enrollment for those who are frail in mind or body at

Age Pension Age is going up for men and women.

If you were born after June 1952 then you will be waiting a little longer for your Age Pension.

Women born after 1948 have the same Age Pension Age as men. The Age Pension Age for women has been increased in small steps over the two decades from 60 years to 65 years.

The next phase will have the Age Pension Age increase by six months every two years with the first increase applying in July 2017. The Age Pension Age increases to 67 years as the final step in this next phase.

Read more and see when you would reach your Age Pension Age at

Age Pension Age is being increased because our life expectancies are increasing also.
Read more about life expectancy

Deferring the potential start date for an Age Pension and our expectation of living longer on average implies that we would be financing a longer retirement period. If you want a comfortable lifestyle during your active retirement years then now could be the time to start seriously planning your finances.

Financial Care Services offers consultations to help you plan your finances for an active retirement. Your potential entitlements from Centrelink could be assessed and included in your personal financial plan.To book your appointment please call 03 9808 0338.


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