April 30, 2016

Vol 6 Ed 4

Volume 6 Edition 4 Financial Care Services Newsletter

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Independent aged care, lifestyle and financial advice for seniors
Volume 6 Edition 4– 30 April 2016


If you really need to talk to Centrelink by telephone then

  • Call 132 300 regarding seniors including Age Pension , Commonwealth Seniors Health Cards, Pensioner Concession Cards and the Financial Information Service.
  • Call 132 717 for enquiries about Carer Allowances and Carer Payments
  • Call 132 717 for enquiries about Disability Support Pension, Mobility Allowance and Sickness Allowance
  • The lines open at 8am on ordinary business days.

The queue is cut off perhaps half an hour before Centrelink close at 5 pm.
The hold time for a telephone call to Centrelink is usually shorter on a morning in the middle of the working week. Monday, Friday and the business day after a public holiday, are generally busier at Centrelink so your time on ‘hold’ could be much longer.

If you just need to report your earnings and any other income for a means tested income support benefit, but do not need to interact with a person then you could call 133 276 (13 EARN). This number should be responsive 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Centrelink has a long list of other benefit types that each have their own telephone systems.
Your extended family might be young enough to need other Centrelink services. They could search the Centrelink telephone list for a relevant service.

In April 2016, deep within the Centrelink website, we found the Centrelink phone list at https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/contact-us/phone-us .

This link could change suddenly and the list of numbers for telephone calls to Centrelink could be revised at any time but you could start with this address.

If you want personal factual financial information, you have options.

One option is to work your way through the Centrelink website.

Another option is to call 132300 and book an appointment with a Centrelink Financial Information Service, FIS, officer.
Financial Information Service appointment bookings can only be made via telephone, the staff at your local Centrelink office cannot make a FIS booking for you.

The Financial Information Service provides personal factual information only.  FIS officers are not licenced to provide personal financial advice.  The FIS officer may inform you of the amount of Age Pension for your position but he is not allowed to provide financial advice, for example: “you that you would receive a higher Pension if you paid off your mortgage debt using some of your cash “.

The business option is to contact Financial Care Services.

The ‘$99 Special Age Pension Illustration Short Consultation’ provides for personal factual information regarding your proposed retirement.

Retirement strategy financial advice considers the arrangement of your assets to generate cash flow for retirement living including any relevant Centrelink entitlements.  

Remember, the full rate of Age Pension benefit supports a frugal lifestyle for a single retiree who owns a home without any major debts.  

Financial Care Services offers Retirement Planning consultations to assist retirees make good decisions. Contact us for the Financial Care Services Retirement Planning Advice data form; you will also receive the Financial Care Services Financial Services Guide that includes our Privacy Policy and fee structure.

Residential aged care bed availability

Suburban Melbourne and surrounding areas, is well supplied with residential aged care facilities. Many good quality facilities have vacant beds in autumn. Accommodation Room Prices might be more ‘negotiable’ now whilst the sun is shining than in mid-winter.

Frail family members might avoid a health catastrophe and emergency hospital admission by choosing to enter residential aged care before the long cold nights of winter.
Respite care is one way to try out an aged care facility. You could consider some ‘respite care’ for your beloved elders whilst you take your autumn holiday. You could relax knowing that your frail elders are safely accommodated and not trying any household duties beyond their physical capabilities.

Christine at Financial Care Services is ready to assist you with understanding aged care financing and Age Pension implications of selling or leasing the former home. Contact Christine to arrange for independent aged care financial advice for your family.

Selection of the right aged care facility for your family member is a very personal matter. Financial Care Services could provide some guidance about the level of Accommodation Room Price your elders could afford and some tips on negotiating a room price with an aged care provider. The frail person’s guardian decides on the aged care placement.

Contact Christine at Financial Care Services to book an appointment to discuss  financing residential aged care for your frail elders.

Financial Care Services is an independent financial advisory service specialising in retirees of modest means and aged care entrants. Our core values of working with clients in their lifetime financial planning supports claiming DVA and Centrelink entitlements.

Financial Care Services charges fees based on the work involved in advising you about pensions and aged care financial solutions and arranging your investments.

Financial Care Services

Christine Hopper


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Disclaimer: The information contained in this newsletter is of a general nature only and does not constitute “financial advice”. You should obtain your own personal financial advice before investing any money or moving in to any retirement village, lifestyle community or aged care facility. Financial Care Services is licensed to provide financial advice to individual clients based on their personal situations.

All eligibility for Commonwealth benefits will be determined by Centrelink or DVA, based on your personal position as documented and the legislation and Regulations in force at that time.

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