Age Pension Age Increases

Social Security Age Pension Age Increases

By Christine Hopper

To qualify for the Australian Age Pension applicants must have attained their Age Pension Age.  The Age Pension Age for men has been age 65 years since the Age Pension started early last century.

The Age Pension Age for women has now increased to be the same as the  Age Pension Age for men

Age Pension Age for women

When the Age Pension was introduced women qualified for the Age Pension at age 60 years. Since then the general health of women has improved and no longer are women considered incapable of working after age 60 years.

Society no longer assumes that every man has a wife who is slightly younger than himself and incapable of earning enough to support herself.  We accept that a man might reach his Age Pension Age before his partner is old enough for an Age Pension.

Therefore, the Age Pension Age for women began increasing gradually over the last 20 years.

The latest increase in the Age Pension Age for women means that women born in 1949 or later, have the same  Age Pension Age as men.

Coming soon, the Age Pension Age increases for both men and women

As the general health and well being of the community has been improving, further increases in the Age Pension Age have been announced.  Men and women born after June 1952 will have to wait a little longer to qualify for  Age Pension.

The  Age Pension Age increases to 67 years for men and women born in 1957 or later.

Check your  Age Pension Age and see when you will be old enough for a  Age Pension in the table

Date of birth                                  Age Pension Age              When eligible

January 1949 to June 1952       65 years                         January 2014 to June 2017
July 1952 to December 1953    65 years 6 months      January 2018 to June 2019
January 1954 to June 1955      66 years                          January 2020 to June 2021
July 1955 to December 1956    66 years 6 months     January 2022 to June 2023
On or after January 1957          67 years                         From January 2024

Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card from  Age Pension Age

Self funded retirees who have attained their  Age Pension Age but ineligible for any  Age Pension because of the means tests, may apply for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card.

The increases in the Age Pension Age will force self funded retirees to also wait a little longer before being eligible for the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card.  For more information about the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card read

Am I now eligible for a part Age Pension?

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