Financial year end gifting

Financial year end gifting By Christine Hopper Gifting can be a pleasure for both the donor and the gift recipient. Gifts generally reduce the asset base of the donor. Some gifts also reduce the ‘assets’ of a Centrelink or DVA Pensioner. The ATO allows for gifts to some charitable causes to be deducted from your Read more about Financial year end gifting[…]

Personal Circumstances at Centrelink or DVA

Personal Circumstances at Centrelink or DVA   by Christine Hopper The amounts of income support benefits available from Centrelink or DVA, depend on your Personal Circumstances at Centrelink or DVA.  So what are “Personal Circumstances” at Centrelink and DVA? Your Personal Circumstances at Centrelink, or DVA, is based on your relationship with the people that you Read more about Personal Circumstances at Centrelink or DVA[…]

Homeowner at Centrelink and DVA

Homeowner at Centrelink and DVA By Christine Hopper Avid readers of Commonwealth Pension means testing charts notice that the Asset Test Allowances have different amounts for ‘homeowners’ and ‘non-homeowners’.  So who is a homeowner at Centrelink and DVA? Homeowner Suburban Examples Mary still owns the family home situated well inside a standard block in suburbia.  Read more about Homeowner at Centrelink and DVA[…]

Pensions for Australian Veterans

Service Pensions for Australian Veterans By Christine Hopper Veterans who actively served in roles where they were exposed to danger from the enemy in World War II or later conflicts, can apply to the Australian Department of Veterans Affairs (“DVA”) for a Service Pension. The Service Pension is of equivalent amount and subject to the Read more about Pensions for Australian Veterans[…]